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Jeanie, United States
Something that I waste a lot of time doing is worrying unnecessarily about different things in my life. One example is I often worry about what to do in the future so "Should I keep teaching? Should I go back to school?" I often worry about whether I'll be successful in life and whether I'll keep the respect of everyone I love.

Jeyong, Korea
I waste time using the internet, for example MSN and sending e-mails to friends and theirs a homepage in Korea called cyworld and it's really popular among the Koreans and you put up the pictures, go to other people's homepage and write up visiting comments and I think it's a good way to keep in touch with friends all over the world.

Martin, United States
What is something I waste a lot of time doing? Sadly, I'd have to say the playstation is a big waste of time. I play a lot of games, but especially baseball games. That usually takes up from anywhere from thirty minutes to five hours. I had a lot of fun playing with my old roommate, baseball, as well as the old car chase games, but unfornutately, the play station is a big waste of time.

Simon, Canada
Ah, lately I've been wasting my time watching TV. I hate to admit it but recently my apartment building has given each unit a digital TV so I get about 5 sports channels, FOX TV with the Simpsons and I've been watching that way too much, so yeah, that's a nasty habit I've picked up lately.

Ruth, England
Something I waste time doing? Probably the worst thing for me is going on the internet, so I go to work, and I get there and I spend the first 30 minutes, or half an hour checking my e-mails which is a complete waste of time, and checking the news, which OK, is important but is not the most important thing I should be doing that day. Let's see, that's probably the thing I waste the most time on.

Todd, United States
Something that I waste time doing? Well, I waste way too much time talking. At work, I have a meeting, I have to talk with my colleague about something important, I go to their desk and we start talking about the news, about our friends, about our weekend, and we talk and talk and talk. Sometimes I forget what I even went to my colleague's desk about, or we have a meeting and we don't start the meeting for 30 minutes cause were just talking so the boss doesn't like it too much. He gets upset but yeah, at work I talk way too much.


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