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Jeannie, The United States
High school was a very good experience for me. During my high school years, I was having a lot of trouble at home so school was where I went to escape all my problems and I really put myself into my work and I loved my teachers and a lot of us are still friends so, yeah, high school was great.

Jim, England
High school was quite a good experience for me really. My high school wasn't a fantanstic school, but I had lots of good friends and some good teachers. Yeah, I think I came out of it relatively unscathed.

Martin, The United States
High school for me was, well, they call it formative years. I enjoyed my senior year a lot because I didn't go to high school as often as I used to before my senior year. Over all, high school was like it is from some of the movies from the 1980's. A little difficult, a little odd and very, very strange.

Nitya, India
OK, I think I loved my high school. That was the best part of my whole school life because I had my best friends in that and a bunch of good teachers, a lot of hard work and studies, crying happy moments and it was great fun, because also we had our final exams in high school and it's like all India exam. It's really tough, but I had great friends so we did a lot of joint studies and great fun, ideas, yep.

Rina, Canada
I loved high school. I absolutely loved it. I can't even describe. I grew up in a town of a 1,000 people and so my whole graduating class was 35 people and we were all very, very close and still my best friends are two people from my high school so, yeah, loved it.

Todd, The United States
I have to admit, I loved high school. I thought high school was the best. It's a really good time, you know, you know you play sports, you're in clubs, you're hanging out with your friends, but what I remember most about high school though, is that I thought it would never end. I mean at that point, you've only been in school your entire life and I remember thinking, " You know what, I'm always going to be a student. They're never going to let me out of school." But eventually they did.


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