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Jeff, Canada
Would I like to be a politician, athlete, a movie star or a musician? Oh, that's an easy one. I definitely would like to be a musician. I'd hate to be a politician, and I'd hate to be a movie star, and there's not much difference between a politician and a movie star because they're both great actors. Politicians just act. They're not too honest and a pro athlete would be fun but you can only do it when you're young. A musician, you can do it until you're old and gray and you can keep wailing on your guitar, your saxaphone, and I'd like to be a musician.

Jeyong, Korea
I'd like to be a movie star and that's because I like acting and I think it's be interesting if I can act for a scene like crying, I can drop tears very easily and laugh, and give a big smile to the audience and if there's like an eating scene, I think I can eat very well.

Martin, The United States
What would I rather be, a movie star, a politician, a pro athlete, or a musician? I'd have to say, I'd wanna be a movie star cause I love movies and I'd like to be in them. I can make direction decisions and hopefully make better movies than are out there right now. I wouldn't really want to be a politician because I don't really want to have my life raked over the coals, but a movie star will be OK.

Ruth, England
I think I'd most want to be a movie star. I'd like to be glamorous and able to dress up on the red carpet. I'd least like to be a politician because I think a lot of people complain about them all the time and they're never viewed very well.

Simon, Canada
So, I think I'd want to be a pro athlete. I love the outdoors. I love sports. I wouldn't mind being idolized like many pro athletes are, and basically you get to play a game for a living and you make a lot of money. Something that I wouldn't want to do would be to be a politician. I don't like politics and I heard somewhere that someone says that once you become a politician you just inherently lie, and I wouldn't want to do that every day.

Todd, The United States
Yeah, I think I'd want to be a politician because if you're a politician you can make changes, you can influence people's lives. I know a lot of politicians are dishonest but I think you have the chance to do good and make changes. If you're a movie star or a singer, you're gonna get old and when you get old, you won't be popular and an athlete you have a very short career. You can't have a very long career either, so I think the best bet is to be a politician and influence people and be productive your entire life.


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