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Simon, Canada
OK, so what is typical workday for me, basically come home from work and I place a lot of importance on dinner so I try to make something nice for dinner and then after that I basically listen to my girlfriend complain and argue and that's about it.

Ruth, England
A typical evening! I'm not sure that I have a typical evening really. Usually when I'm in the U.K. in the evenings if I have work to do I usually do my work first and then I tend to go out with my friends. Occassionally I stay in and maybe watch TV with my my parents and quite often I go to the gym or I go swimming in the evening. I suppose it depends on what night of the week it is.

Todd, The United States
OK, a typical evening for me, I usually get home at about 7 o'clock, quickly change my clothes, put on my running gear. Go running for about an hour. Jog back by the supermarket on the way home, pick up my dinner and eat my dinner, take a shower, eat my dinner and watch TV.

Martin, The United States
Well, a typical evening for me I would have to say is generally spent, making dinner, cleaning dishes, doing other domestic things such as that and then usually as being a student still, a doing a lot of research and reading and usually chatting with friends abroad, and basically a very domestic evening.

Greg, The United States
A typical evening involves dinner and I'm a bit of a workoholic, so I work, and the relaxing part comes I guess when I walk my dog, and sometimes my wife comes along with me and that's, that's really nice too. A little family time together outside.

Asako, Japan
My typical evening involves cooking, definitely and sometimes cleaning, doing laundry, working and then sleeping. That's all. Boring!


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