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Mitchel, Hawaii
I always tend to read the sports section first because I enjoy sports. I love doing sports. I get to check what athletes are doing well. Who's doing bad. What teams are doing good. What championships are being won. And since I'm from Hawaii, the Hawaii newspaper, I tends to read the Island Style section, where it keeps you updated on local news. New foods and products.

Anita, Taiwan
What part of the newspaper do I read first? When I read the newspaper, the first thing I will read, about the cover sheet, and check up on what's the most important thing of the newspaper for the day, and after than I will check out the TV programs and some entertainment news, and of course I will check out the weather and the currency of each country as well.

Asako, Japan
Let's see, I don't read the newspaper, therefore I can't answer this questions, however when I look at the Internet, the news site, I usually start with of course, the cover site, cover page, cover site and just look really fast and find out what's going on in the world.

Greg, The United States
I start with the front page and then I start shifting throught he pages and towards the international news but if I by chance see the comics first I go to the comics. The comics always relax me.

Ruth, England
Which part do I read first? Well, let me start by telling you the part that I read last. I leave the sport until last because the sport for me is not really that interesting. It's a little bit pointless, so usually I begin with the front page, and I read the newspaper in order then when it gets to the sports page, I stop and I finished.

Simon, Canada
When I read the newspaper, I usually read the sports section first. Sports is nice light reading, and you don't have to think too much and it's fun and then after sports finished, I get into the heavy stuff like world news and all that kind of Jazz.


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