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Simon, Canada
What's the best city in my country? My country is Canada, so I'd have to say my hometown, Vancouver, although previously I said that it's overrated to some of my friends, it's still a good size city, not too big, not too small. It's quite beautiful. It's got mountains. It has trees and it's got city life.

Ruth, England
The best city in my country? Well, actually, I really like London and I really like that fact that it's so cosmopolitan and I think it's amazing for shopping. One bad thing though about London is the cost of everything, so in terms of cost, I prefer Leeds because that is also very good for shopping, but it's cheaper and also I like Leeds because I have family and friends there so I have many good memories of my time in Leeds.

Tres, The United States
I don't think I've been to enough American cities really to answer that question. I've enjoyed New York City. I went this year for, or last year for New Year's and had a wonderful time, but it is dirty, so I don't know.

Ruth, Ireland
The best city in my country is probably Dublin, the capitol. There's lots of shopping, lots of places to go and eat, and also there's lots of parks inside the city where you can go and relax with your friends, maybe have lunch or a picnic.

Al, England
The city in my country is probably Newcastle. I'm not going to say London because London's too big, it's too expensive and people are too rude, but Newcastle is a good size. People are friendly. There's lots of things to do. They have a big football stadium and the nightlife is great, so it's Newcastle.

Martin, The United States
The best city in my country, I'd have to say, is Seattle. Why? Because Seattle's pretty much got everthing. It's not too hot. It's not too cold. It's got lovely mountains everywhere, great ocean views, and a lot of salmon. I like to fish and I like to eat salmon a lot. It's a great place. It's really clean and it's very happy. It's a nice city.


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