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Anita, Taiwan
What is bad about my hometown? I'm from Taiwan and I come from Taipei, and Taipei is a very big city in Taiwan but it's very dirty and the air is bad, the traffic is bad. I don't feel like living in Taipei, so that's why my mom and dad choose to live in the side city near Taipei.

Al, England
My hometown is called Stevenich and there's nothing I can say that's positive about my hometown. It has no green spaces, no cultural icons and really nowhere to go, so don't go there.

Barbara, Australia
One thing bad about my hometown, well, my hometown is Perth, in Western Australia, and I guess the only bad thing I can think of is the public transport system, the buses, they really don't run on time. There's not enough of them. The bus fleet is fairly old. That's really one bad thing about my hometown.

Jeff, Canada
What's one bad thing about my hometown? I live in a small little island on the east coast of Canada and there's not much there. There's not much entertainment. There's no restaurants. There's no movie theaters, so it's very quiet. Some people would say very boring, but I think you have to find other things to do like hiking or you learn how to play the guitar and play music and reading and writing so I think the bad thing about my hometown is there's not much to do, but it makes you create other things and do other things.

Mark, The Unites States
Something bad about my hometown? I guess for me something bad would be it's not very diverse. There's lot's of white people and lot's of black people, but that's about it. There aren't a lot of Asian people or Europeans or people of different ethnicities and I'm someone who likes New York or a more international type place, so I wish it were a little more diverse.

Simon, Canada
Vancouver? What's not good about Vancouver? Well, I think that the people of Vancouver overrate the city, and that's kind of, they think it's the best place to live on earth. It's the nicest looking city on earth. Yes, it's beautiful. It's a really nice place to live but it also rains eight months of the year and it's probably not the most cosmopolitan city on earth.


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