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Anita, Taiwan (Taipei)
From my city what is the best way to get to the airport? I live in Taipei and the best way to get to the airport is to drive the car but because of traffic is bad, recently I took the bus to the airport and I think that's the very economic way and fastest way.

Martin, United States (Seattle)
The best way to get to the airport from my home city is to take a car. The airport is about 20 miles to the south and there's no buses so it not very convenient to take a bus so if you take a car it takes about 25 minutes to get there and is the best way and is the most convenient.

Simon, Canada (Vancouver)
Yeah, the best way to get to the airport from my city is by taxi. A taxi cost about 25 bucks. It's fast. It's easy and no hassles. If you take a bus, you got to wait for the bus. You got to go through people. Take a taxi. "Here's your bag chief. Let's go."

Keiko, Japan (Tokyo-Narita)
The best way to go to the airport is by Narita express. It's an express airport train. It's comfortable. It's fast. It's not so expensive. I think it's the best way.

Al, England (London - Heathrow)
If you are going from London to Heathrow Airport, I wouldn't recommend taking the subway. It takes too long. I recommend taking -- there's a new train, the Heathrow express, which goes from Paddington and takes only twenty minutes.

Todd, United Stated (San Francisco)
OK, the best way to get to the airport. Well, if you live in San Francisco, the best way from the south of the airport is to drive, but if you live north of the airport, there's a train and the train's quite convenient and you can take that. The only problem is is you have to pay for parking and parking is really expensive at the airport if you drive so, even if you are from the south you might want to consider taking a bus.


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