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Jeannie, United States
I usually dress up for work. If I have a boyfriend who wants to take me out somewhere really nice, then I will put on a nice dress. I've always wanted to go back and relive my prom situation where you got to where very, very beautiful dresses and stuff like that. I love that, but yeah, those are the only occasions.

Kate, New Zealand
On the weekends I love to go to clubs and parties and this is when I will dress up more than what I would wear at university. At university I just wear jeans and T-shirt, kind of casual clothes, but when I go to the party, I'll wear some nice skirt or black pants with a nice top which match and also the shoes will be, will have a heel, and guess that's to make you look more mature or something.

Rina, Canada
Oh, when do I dress up? There are many different levels of dressing up. There's going drinking and dancing dressing up, so I usually wear dress pants and a cute shirt, and then there's going to a wedding dressing up, when it's more formal and then there is work dressing up, and that's when I'm more professional.

Ruth, Ireland
I normally dress up if I'm going to a wedding or maybe a family function, or if I'm at home and I'm going out with my friends. I might dress up if I'm going to the pub or a club. Put on some make-up, a bit of perfume.

Keiko, Japan
When I dress up, I usually wear pants even to attend my friends wedding or to go to the clubbing. It doesn't matter because I feel most myself when I'm wearing pants and, yeah, I wear pants a lot.

Ruth, England
When I dress up? Well, I would suppose it would depend on wear I was going. For example if I was going to church, I would merely wear jeans, but if I was going out with my friends, I guess I could also wear jeans too, or maybe a black skirt and some high heel shoes.


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