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Akane, Canada
What is your favorite season and your least favorite season? My favorite season is Spring because where I'm from in Toronto the winters are very, very long and cold and and harsh so after that ends and the sun comes out and the birds start coming back and the trees start getting greener it makes me feel very good and refreshed in the spring time, so I love the spring. I hate the winters because there's lots of snow and slush and ice and I have to carry around a huge coat on with me all the time.

Al, England
Yeah, my favortie season is the time just before autumn. Yeah, I don't like winter at all. I don't like cold weather, so I like the summer but I also like the freshness or autumn, or the autumn evenings.

Ruth, Ireland
My favorite season is spring because it is just a nice temperture and I can go out in jeans and a T-shirt and not be too hot or too cold and also if I go out at night, I don't need to bring a coat with me. I don't really like summer though. There's too many mosquitos. And I tend to get bitten an awful lot and also because I sweat so much.

Tres, United States
My favorite season would definitely be the fall because you have the fall foliage, the weather is great. It's not too hot. It's not too cold. My least favorite season would probably be winter because it's dry, but then again you can go skiing and I love skiing, so I don't really know if I have a least favorite season.

Simon, Canada
Well, it depends on where I am but, just off hand, what comes to my head is summer. You know, like warm weather. I like stuff that you can do in the summer. You can go out and play games and go to the beach. You know, you can go hiking - stuff like that.

Keiko, Japan
My favorite season is winter because is Japan you get really crispy, cold weather and I get to wear clothes in layers and I feel very comfortable in my cozy clothes. I just like the feel of winter.


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