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Skip, The United Sates
What is something I can cook well? I have two main dishes when I cook for myself or even for friends. One is some version of fried rice - Chahan in Japanese. I have several versions that I can do pretty well, and the other is spaghetti. So, if I can't think of anything special or I don't want to take too much time, and usually I don't, spaghetti and chahan are something that are really delicious and they both don't take much time, so that's two important things about them.

Adrienne, The United Sates
What is something I can cook really well? I can cook Thai green curry very well. This is one of my favorite dishes so when I went to Thailand I learned how to cook it at cooking class and so now I make it all the time because I really enjoy it.

Matt, The United Sates
I like a home cooked lasagna. I'm a big Italian guy. Yeah, just anything basically with pasta but the lasagna's got to be with the noodles, the big noodles, the cheese melted and plenty of meat in the middle, succulent.

Peter, Sweden
What I can cook well is chili con carne. It's my absolute favorite dish and not only because it's tasty and delicious, it's also because it requires patience which I don't usually have and you also have to be really picky with the ingredients in order to make it taste well.

Phil, England
What can I cook well? That's a very difficult question because my cooking is awful. At home I normally cook boil-in-the-bag curry and microwave rice because it's very, very easy and very quick and I'm a very lazy person so it appeals to me but in England, my home in England, I used to cook - in the oven for my parents - sometimes but just frozen fish and maybe very simple rice or pasta but I cooked it OK but 'well' is maybe not the right word.

Lisa, Canada
What is something I can cook really well? I am an excellent dip maker. I can make great mexican dips, such as quacamole with avocados and lemons and spices or tzatziki, which is a greek cucumber yogurt dip with yogurt cucumber, dill and lots of garlic.


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