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Adrienne, The United States
What is something that I worry about? Well, I don't think I am unusual in worrying about money like everyone does these days. Making sure you have enough of it. Making sure that you are secure for your future. Making sure you have enough to do what you need to do all of the time, so I think that's probably the biggest worry but I don't think that's unusual at all.

Mark, England
What do I worry about? The most thing I worry about is money because I never have any. Also because I'm living overseas at the moment, I worry about my family and my mom and dad because if anything happens to them then I am a long way from home so it would take a long time to get back home.

Lisa, Canada
What is something I worry about? Well, there are many things that I worry about. Two of probably the biggest things that I worry about are money and getting fat. Money of course because I like shopping a lot and use my credit card more than I should probably and getting fat because any women in their thirties, that's what they're obsessed about especially if they are single.

Phil, England
What do I worry about? I think my biggest worry at the moment is a career. I'm 26 now and I've spend a lot of the last fews years traveling around since I left university and most of my friends have settled down and have a good job and a good career behind them, so sometimes I do worry that when I go back I will be too old for companies to want me, so I'm slightly worried about having a future career.

Barbara, Australia
So, what do I worry about? I guess I worry about the usual things, for example, having money in the bank and being healthy. I guess being healthy is what's most important to me so I take care of to exercise and I watch what I eat because I need this body to last me at least another fifty years.

Conrad, The United States
What do I worry about? That's a tough question. I don't worry that much but sometimes I do think about after my retirement and where am I going to be living, what are my kids going to be doing. Can I still support them? Can I send them to college? but that's a very minor worry and I don't think I worry about much.


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