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Arienne, Norway
What am I addicted to? Unfortunately, I'm addicted to smoking, which is really bad because cigarettes are very bad for everyone's body and health basically. In Norway, where I'm from, we're not allowed to smoke ins restaurants, whereas a lot of other places in the world people smoke in restaurants, so when I'm abroad it makes it very difficult to try to quit, which I have many times.

Jeff, Canada
I'm addicted to exercise, physical activity. I played sports all my life and I do it every day and I need to do it every day and if I don't do it every day then I don't feel very good so I'm addicted to sports.

Fred, Canada
What am I addicted to? Well, I believe I am addicted to going to the gym every day. When I have a lot of work from school, or I feel stressed out, it really relieves me from quite a bit of pressure and so I think going to the gym is a good thing for me.

Kevin, Korea
Oh, I'm addicted to sweets. I like to eat chocolates, cookies, especially puddings. These puddings are really good. I my fridge I have... I always keep at least three or four puddings, always there ready for eating.

Reky, Indonesia
I'm addicted to TV shows. Now there is a very interesting TV show called Heroes. It comes every Monday night, so I usually download it and I can watch it. I like heroes because it's a fiction story and there are very interesting characters inside it. And the character, the people have supernatural power, so people... someone can disappear or read people's minds or can do many different things, so I kind of like it. It's very interesting.

Rebecca, Australia
What am I addicted to? I am addicted to chocolate. I can eat chocolate every morning, lunch and dinner. My favorite chocolate is milk chocolate. I do like white chocolate as well, and I also love bananas, chocolate and ice-cream all together. That is my favorite meal of the day... is chocolate.



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