What was your favorite season?
Listen to six people talk about what season they like best.
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Jeff, Canada
My favorite season is the fall. I love the fall because it's perfect, a perfect time of year. It's not too hot. It's not too cold. There's lots of color in the earth, in the sky, in the leaves, in the trees. It's a nice time. It's a nice quiet... it's a peaceful time of year. I like the fall the best.

Shibika, India
I think I would have to say summer, because I really like summers, you know, you can just go out, wear whatever you want to, you know, in winters you have to be all dressed up, sweaters and stuff and you can eat all cold stuff. I love to eat ice-creams and stuff, so I like summers.

Kevin, South Korea
I like winter because, well, I love to play snow sports, including skiis, snowboarding. Well, in winter I always go to a ski resort for a week or two.

Rebecca, Australia
My favorite season has to be spring because it's when all flowers come out. All the birds start chirping. The weather starts to warm up. It isn't too hot like it gets and that would be my favorite time of year is springtime.

Sabriya, Oman
My favorite season is summer. I think summer is a lively season and I'm a lively person and in winter I tend to be cold and quiet and, you know, all closed up.
I think summer is what I like the most.

Tini, Vietnam
My favorite season, huh! It would be spring. It is when it's not very cold, and it's not very hot and then the flowers are blooming and then you can just be fresh, and well usually people say that you gain weight in winter and you lost weight in spring and then so that is why I prefer spring more.

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