Big Regret
Listen to six people talk about something they wish they had or had not done.
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Arienne, Norway
My one regret... I can't really answer that because I don't really have any regrets. All my life I have basically had a few dreams and my dreams I have basically fulfilled. My first dream was going to the United States on exchange and I did that and then my second big dream was going to Japan on exchange, which I also did, and I'm very happy about the fact that I am able to fulfill my dreams because not all people can do what I've been able to do.

Jeff, Canada
Regrets! I don't regret very much but I have a couple of regrets. One is that I played too much sports when I was young and I didn't pick up any music. I would have liked to play a musical instrument, and my other regret is that I'm uni-lingual. I only speak one language and I would have liked to learn another language when I was young.

Shibika, Oman
My biggest regret is not excepting a scholarship offer that I was given a few years ago. Instead I took another offer and I do regret it even though I'm happy where I'm at right now, but I wish I had taken that offer before.

Fred, Canada
OK, my biggest regret! My biggest regret would have to be four years ago, I was living in Spain and I was having such a great time and then for some reasons, I had to go back to Canada and still to this day, I'm having a hard time with that decision. I wish I had stayed in Spain because my life was so great. I was going to the beach every day and it was such a sunny country and the people were very nice.

Kevin, South Korea
About seven or eight years ago, I was staying in Canada, but I had to come back then because my father had some problem in his company, but he told us that we could stay for a year or two longer, but so I hope I could have stayed a little longer.

Rebecca, Australia
One of my regrets is that I have not travelled. When I was younger, I really wish that I could have travelled overseas during high school, taken up some exchange programs like I am now, through university, even travelled with my family overseas, but then it does it's down problems, that I have been able to travel in my own country throughout the years, so that's my regret.

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