Family Size
Listen to six people talk about how big their family is and where they are now.
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Jeff, Canada
I have a, by modern standards, I have a big family: seven people. My parents, my mom and dad. I have a sister, an older brother, two younger brothers and myself and the neat thing about my family now is my sister lives in America, one brother lives in Australia, one brother lives England, one brother lives in Canada and I live in Japan, so we are spread out all over the world.

Arienne, Norway
In my family there are five people: my older brother, my younger brother and myself and of course my parents. We also have a dog but he is unfortunately very sick so we might not have a dog for very much longer. My family lives about an hour away from me in Norway. I live in Oslo which is the capital and they live in a very small city south of it.

Rebecca, Australia
How many people are in my family? There are four people in my family: my mother, my father, my younger brother and myself. I actually don't live with my family anymore. I live in a country town three hours away, so I don't get to see my family very much. At the moment, we also have two dogs as well. which is nice.

Sabriya, Oman
There are five people: my father, my mother, my younger brother, and my younger sister. Unfortunately, they are all way from me now and I miss them so much.

Swinki, Kenya
How big is my family? I'm the youngest in the family of five childen. My sister, whose right ahead of me, has a baby so I could say that we are six kids in the family. Everyone lives in Kenya. I'm the only one who lives abroad and we love each other. We used to hate each other up till seven years ago but now we are in love with each other.

Tini, Vietnam
How big is my family? Like we have four people in my family and we are pretty much a nuclear family, of course there are my mom, my dad, myself and my little brother. He's called Kevin. And we used to have a dog, and we named him Lulu.

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