Mixer #80
How do you pass the time on a flight?
Several people discuss how they pass the time on a flight.
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Matthew / U.K.
My wife and I like to play cards, backgammon, other games like that. I try and read. I try and watch the movies, but often I just look out the window.

Eoin / U.K.
When I'm on flight I like to sleep, but unfortunately I can't always sleep. Failing that, watching the movies is good, listening to my iPod or reading a book, something like that. In terms of not ... what I don't like to do ... I don't like to drink on flights, seeing that I had a pretty bad drinking beer and then passing out on an airplane before.

Lori / Canada
Well, usually, I'm too excited when I'm on a flight to concentrate on the movie or to concentrate on a book, so usually I try to convince my husband to play cards with me or one of the many travel games we brought, and also I eat and drink everything they will bring me ... any complimentary food or drink item, bring them to me.

Aki / Japan
I usually sleep. Like when the plane takes off. I get some sleep. When I wake up, maybe two hours later, I start watching DVDs, movies. I also bring my iPod with me all the time, so I listen to podcasts and music.

Amir / Iran
I watch videos. I talk to the passenger next to me. I walk. I drink wine, or I just simply sleep.


Shalini / Canada
Long flight: sleeping, watch a movie, one movie, no matter how good the rest are, eat the dinner, have a drink and just sleep for the rest of the flight.

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