Mixer #80
What business would you like to own?
Several people discuss businesses they would like to do.
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Aki / Japan
Maybe, I'd like to do something with trading maybe. I don't want to handle goods, but maybe importing, exporting stuff like in between maybe Japan and the U.S. since I can speak both languages. Import-Export.

Helen / Canada
I think I'd like to own a bookshop because I really like reading and I know a lot about books and actually a lot of times, I go into secondhand book stores, I think I would be really at choosing books. You know, when people come to you with like big suitcases full of books, I think I'd be pretty good at selecting the ones that would sell and the ones that would not.

Lori / Canada
I'd like to own a business that's connected with travel in some way. I love to travel myself so if I could find someway to combine my favorite hobby with a way to make money, that would be great.

Paul / England
Yeah, I'd really like to have my own cafe, like a ... not just like a regular cafe. Like a cool cafe, like an arts cafe, and people can come in and read books, drink coffee. Just relax with some good music.

Lindsay / United States
I would love to own a smoothie business, because actually I really love smoothies, especially the banana flavored smoothies and I think it would be a good business to have. It would be fun. You could hire your friends, and also it's not enslaving the Third World. You can buy organic fruit and make the fruit, and make smoothies and just make people happy.

Shalini / Canada
I would own ... I would like to own a scuba diving / ayurvedic spa type business which would be hopefully located one a tropical island where one could enjoy the underwater world and also have a relaxing vacation learning about ayurvedic practices of eating and yoga.


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