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  1. I rarely t-shirts before I buy them.
  2. He is so . He gets anything he wants.
  3. I love attention I am getting for my birthday.
  4. I often wishing I was in another country far, far away.
  5. For my , I usually shop at the university co-op.

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MX98 How often do you go shopping?
Listen as several people share their thoughts about shopping and what they like shopping for.
Tom. U.K.
I don't like shopping very much. I'm not into all this walking around department stores looking at stuff, choosing things. I'm a tall guy and so it's really hard for me to find clothes that fit so shopping is really not pleasant.

Santi, Indonesia
Well, I really, really enjoy shopping. That's why ... a week I could spend about four time to go to the department store, especially when there is a bargain or sales, and since my house is near one of the biggest department store, it's about five minutes by car, so, well, if we want to have lunch together we go to that department store, and after that we go shopping.

Lia, Indonesia
I go shopping quite a lot. Recently, maybe three to four times a week, but what I buy is usually daily needs such as fruit or food but not clothes or things like that.

George, U.S.
How often do you go shopping? Well, recently I don't really go shopping at all. Maybe only once a year. I remember in high school though I used to go shopping probably once a week. I used to be one of those spoiled little rich kids that would get that would get anything they wanted, but again moving out on my own, I've discovered a hundred dollars for a t-shirt is not a good deal, and yeah, I think I'm a little bit of a better person for it.

Jess, U.K.
I go shopping maybe about two times a week. I really enjoy shopping, and where I live there are lots and lots of clothes shops open after I finish work, so often when I leave work on my way home I find myself wondering into shops and picking things up and trying things on. I love shopping.

Mike, Singapore
How often do I go shopping? I like to do my shopping on a weekday because I don't like crowded places, and so I do my shopping usually on Mondays or Tuesdays, but for buying groceries, I like to do my shopping on Fridays.