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  1. I'm not interested in grilled meat . I am a vegetarian.
  2. I like to new spices when I cook .
  3. I am always buying new cookbooks, but I never them .
  4. There are lots of restaurants in the city that serve exotic food.
  5. My for getting to work by car is 30 minutes. That's with no traffic.

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MX99 Do you enjoy cooking?
Listen as six people share their thoughts about cooking, cleaning and preparing food.
Santi, Indonesia
Yes, I enjoy cooking, especially with my sister because I prepare all the things, but she will wash. That's our agreement, and I like to cook with the simple ingredients. less than five because it will little time.

Tom, U.K.
I absolutely never cook. I used to cook when I was in university, but I never got very far with it. It was boring, and I have a microwave and a kettle in my apartment and that's it, and I would never cook for another person.

George, U.S.
Do I enjoy cooking? Yes, I do. Ever since I started to live on my own, I've really started to enjoy cooking, of course I don't like the dishes. My record is one month actually of not doing the dishes, so of course not after doing the dishes for about a month, there's a really interesting smell that starts to develop.

Buddhi, Sri Lanka
Do I enjoy cooking? Well, I don't really enjoy cooking cause I'm not a very good cook. Well, I like to try new things, and like to experiment in cooking, but I don't really enjoy. I like baking and I like trying new things out, but not particularly cooking.

David, Kenya
Do I enjoy cooking? Yes, I do enjoy cooking, especially when I have free time on the weekends. I live with my flatmates and we cook together at times. We cook ethnic foods from Africa. That's where I come from, Kenya in particular, and yeah, I enjoy cooking.

Hanna, Australia
I do not enjoy cooking in the slightest. I'm a terrible cook and I will eat anything so I have absolutely no motivation to cook.