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  1. He called store in the phone book.
  2. She is not the new changes.
  3. I am going through a health now.
  4. You need to the plan we made.
  5. More desserts! !

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MX101 Do you Count Calories?
Several people discuss if they count calories to maintain their weight.
Chris / Belgium
speakerDo you count calories? Well, actually, I don't really have to count calories because no matter how much I eat, it just goes in and outand I don't gain any weight at all, so if Ieat a lot, my weight is just the same, so I don't have to count it because I don't gain weight. It's very easy for me.

Jess / England
speakerNo, I don't count calories. I think about what I'm eating and how much fat or sugar it might have, but no, I don't go as far as count calories. I think if I started that I might get obsessed with it and do it all the time.

Michael / Singapore
speakerCalories? I think last year, I was counting calories because I was ... I had this gym craze, but that just ended. That lasted for like two months over the summer, and I stopped, so now I just don't do that. I just prefer to eat whatever I like.

MJ / Korea
speakerMost girls are counting calories but I don't cause I love food and I enjoy eating food and one of the ways solve my stress is too eat good food and delicious food and go around to like good food places.

George / United States
speakerDo I count calories? No, not at all. I have no interest in my health. Bring on the Big Macs, bring on the Colonel. I'm totally down for it.

Hanna / Australia
speakerI don't even know how to count calories, though I think that you still should stick to a healthy diet, though, you don't have to count every single calorie that you're eating.