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  1. Eating right before bed is a .
  2. The instructions were not . I had to read them three times.
  3. It seems like more slowly while wating in line.
  4. I am not good at typing. I need to that.
  5. Pictures books are more than novels.

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MX105 Books vs. Magazines
Six people share their thoughts about books and magazines and share which one they prefer.
Chris, Belgium
I prefer magazines over books because I just cannot spend that much time reading a speakerbook. It takes just too much time, and a magazine, well you can read it on the toilet. You can read it on the train. You can read it in the car if you have to wait for somebody. It's much more nicer. Times passes by and you don't have to invest that much time, like for example if you would have to read a whole book.

Buddhi, Sri Lanka
speakerDo I prefer books or magazines? I'll say magazines cause I don't like to read for too long. I actually don't read for too long, so I prefer short articles or something interesting that would finish quickly. I don't like to read for too long. I know that's a bad habit. I gotta work on it but I prefer magazines.

Tom, United Kingdom
speakerI read a lot of books. Magazines ... uh, very pretty and they look nice on the shelf but I almost never look through them. I'm not interested in the advertising, but give me a good book, and I can read it for hours and hours.

Aiste, Lithuania
I think books are really nicer to read, at present I read most books speakerfrom my major area, and as about magazines, so most of the time I don't read magazines. I just take them and scan them while checking out the pictures and what is the major topic out if it but about reading, I think it's a little bit too shallow.

Chrystal, United States
speakerI prefer both. Actually, I like both, but then if I were to choose, I would choose magazines because they have ... they're more easier and books are ... honestly, they're boring. I fall asleep all the time. They say that magazines are not good for your imagination, so it's really good to read books more when you're a child, but I don't think that's quite necessarily true because magazines also provide a good pictures and colors and I think it's more better for imagination.

David, Kenya
speakerWhat do I prefer between books or magazines. I'm more into magazines cause they're interesting and easy to follow. Both, they are good but you know you have to go to ... I have to go to like a deeper level to it and sometimes it's boring for me.