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  1. There are a to do and see in my city.
  2. The people on the tend to be friendlier.
  3. The people in San Francisco are very to other cultures.
  4. Washington is the capitol of the United States.
  5. Did you see my wallet?

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MX106 Best Place to Live
Six people talk about what they think is the best place to live in their home country.
Samir, Sweden
speakerIn my country, in Sweden, of course, I'd have to say my home country, my home city Gothenburg. It's the West Coast, and it has the best beaches, and I think it's the best city because the people are all so polite, and they're not like the capital city we have, because the people there is more busy and don't talk to people, and in my city Gothenburg, yeah, that's the best city to live in.

Liz, Sweden
speakerThe best place to live in Sweden is definitely the West Coast because the people. They are friendlier and more open and during the summer in Sweden it's beautiful, the West Coast.

Mike, United States
speakerWell, I'm from California, and I really love my home state. It's got big cities. It's got great beaches. It's got mountains, snow, hot weather, cold weather, everything you want is there. Sure the East Coast is beautiful, down south is very interesting, but I'm happy with California.

Nydja, United States
speakerI actually happen to live in the best place to live in the country which is Northern Virginia outside of D.C. It's very diverse and there's great universities there, and there are a lot of different kind of people to meet, and a million things to do for whoever, whatever interest happens to be.

Demelza, Australia
speakerI think the best place to live if you want to have a cultural experience and meet lots of people is Melbourne, but if you like beaches and the sun, I would say my home town, Perth.

Nick, Australia
speakerThe best place to live in my country - easy - Tasmania. Tasmania is where I am from, is a beautiful island with many mountains, so it has very good hiking. It's a nice city with really nice views of the ocean.