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  1. Our teacher has we must follow.
  2. I like her her looks but for her personality .
  3. I get a of happiness whenever I eat there.
  4. She is our best sales person.
  5. Our company has this month, so I am very busy.

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MX107 Best (Foreign) City
Listen as a group of people talk about what is their favorite city outside of their country.
Katia, Mexico
speakerMy favorite city, I would have to say that is New York. It's very lively. There's always things happening. It's very young city, a lot of culture, a lot of shows. Nature, there's also nature, and the buildings. It just gives you a certain feeling that I really enjoy so I would say New York City is my favorite city.

Tom, United Kingdom
speakerBangkok is my favorite city, not so much for the city itself but because there are so many places around Bangkok within easy reach of a day trip and a visit. It's a great place to base yourself. The weather's fantastic. The food is amazing, and there's just a lot going on.

Lia, Indonesia
speakerMy favorite city would be Singapore because it's close from my home country and it has a lot of beautiful places, good department stores. It's very beautiful and they have a very strict rules like you cannot throw rubbish or garbage everything in other places so it's very beautiful and the people are very nice. Actually, they can speak English and Chinese so it's a very good place.

Todd, United States
speakerMy favorite city hands down has got to be Barcelona, Spain. Now, it's a long time since I was there, but when I was there, it just really had everything. It has great architecture, nice people, really good weather, great food. It has a very strong culture. The city has a very strong identity. It's on the sea. It's just great, like it's hard to think of anything bad about it except maybe it's a little expensive.

Crystal, United States
speakerMy favorite city has to be Seoul, Korea. I've been there about like five times already and the people are just amazing. Like the people there are just so rough and so mean and just so aggressive. I don't know, it's so much fun to be there I think because of the people.

Jess, United Kingdom
speakerMy favorite city would be Paris. I lived very near Paris for about three months,and went to Paris every weekend for sightseeing and going out in the evenings, and it's just fabulous spending all day walking around the city looking at the architecture, going to art galleries, and then at night, the restaurants and the wine was fantastic and then night clubbing on Saturday nights, so yeah, I think it's a fabulous city.