Mixer Audio Notes #97 Natural Disasters
went off (go off)

A bomb went off.

When a bomb goes off, it explodes. The phrase is used usually to refer to something with a timer. For example, a cooking timer can go off, or an alarm clock can go off. Notice the following samples:

  1. My alarm clock went off, but I kept on sleeping.
  2. The police stopped the bomb before it went off.

eye of the hurricane


We got the eye of the hurricane.

A hurricane is a very violent storm, like a typhoon. In the center is it very calm. This is called the eye of the hurricane. Notice the following:

  1. It is safe in the eye of the hurricane, but dangerous outside it.
  2. This is just the eye of the storm. Things will get worse again soon.



I was choking.

When you choke, you cannot breathe. You can choke on food or smoke. When you choke on smoke you start coughing. A person can also be choked by someone else when they squeeze their neck with their hands. Notice the following:

  1. I almost choked on a piece of chicken.
  2. My tie was choking me. It was too tight.

all over the news


It was all over the news.

When something is all over the news, it takes up a large portion of the news, and it in all media forms: newspaper, tv news, internet, etc. Notice the following.

  1. The car accident was all over the news.
  2. The scandal was all over the news.

it didn't help that ...


It didn't help that is was absolutely freezing.

The phrase 'it didn't help that ... ' is used when talking about a bad experience. The phrase is used to talk about additional things that went wrong, but were not the main problem. Notice the following:

  1. The traffic was terrible as usual. It didn't help that there was road construction as well.
  2. My wife was mad because I forgot to get dinner. It didn't help that I was late, too.