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Quiz 1: Vocabulary Focus
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Audio Notes Mixer #107 Best (Foreign) City

a certain feeling


It gives you a certain feeling

Here, a certain feeling means a special feeling about something or someplace. Note the samples.

  1. My first holiday was to Bali 10 years ago. I get a certain feeling whenever I return.
  2. Camping in the mountains gives me a certain feeling of adventure.

not so much for


Bangkok is my favorite city, not so much for the city itself.

We use this phrase when we want to give other reasons why we like or dislike something. Here are two samples.

  1. I love IPod’s, not so much for the technology, they just look cool!
  2. Many people study English, not so much for fun, but because it’s necessary for international communication.

a lot going on


There is a lot going on in the city.

A lot going on talks about many things - good or bad - happening at the same time. Notice the following.

  1. There is not a lot going on at the student center during the weekend.
  2. At the big weekend festival, there was a lot going on so we didn’t have time to see everything.

strict rules


They have strict rules.

Strict means very serious. A rule tells us what we can and can’t do. Therefore a strict rule is a rule that must be followed. Here are a couple of examples.

  1. When you visit a temple in Thailand, there are strict rules about suitable clothing.
  2. My parents have really strict rules about TV and computer games. I have to finish my home work first!

hands down


Barcelona is hands down my favorite city.

When we say hands down, it means 100%! We use this phrase to express a strong feeling or opinion, positive or negative. Notice the following.

  1. Harajuku is hands down the best place to check out new fashion in Tokyo.
  2. That was hands down the worst movie I have ever seen!