Vocabulary Focus
Fill the gaps with the words below. After you finish you can hear the answers.
  1. As an , I am against people using plastic bags.
  2. I my dog my leftover steak.
  3. The book is quite . I laughed a lot.
  4. The house was damaged in the fire.
  5. I tried to talk to the man but he me
Questions for you!
Answer the audio questions about the news.

Audio Notes, News #1:Oil Spill


The oil slick threatens wildlife environmentalists say.

An environmentalists are people who are concerned about nature and the environment and do things to protect it. Notice the following:

  1. Most environmentalists want to protect nature.
  2. The protest against logging was led by some environmentalists.


The jewelry has been damaged irrepairably.

When something is irrepairable, that means it cannot be repaired or fixed. For example, if you drop an egg and break it, then it has been damaged irrepairably. It cannot be put back together. Notice the following sample sentences.

  1. After the divorce, the couple's friendship was irrepairably damaged.
  2. The damage to the painting was irrepairable.

fed (to feed)

The man was fed by local villagers.

When you feed something you give it food. You can feed a person such as a baby or you can feed an animal or a machine. The past tense of 'feed' is 'fed'.

  1. She fed the baby its lunch.
  2. We kept feeding money into the machine.


Protests have been ignored.

When you ignore something, you do not pay attention to it. You can ignore something by not looking at it, or listening to it, or noticing something making noise or communication. Notice the following:

  1. He ignored the TV and kept reading his book.
  2. My mother is always ignoring me when I talk to her.


The humorous story is said to be attracting lots of children.

When something is humorous it is very funny. 'Humorous' is an adjective. 'Humor' is a noun. Notice the following:

  1. It was a humorous for me to speak terrible French, but a little bit embarrassing.
  2. He is a funny teacher. His lessons are always humorous.