Vocabulary Focus
Fill the gaps with the words below. After you finish you can hear the answers.
  1. If you keep studying, you should improve .
  2. The tennis match will after the rain delay.
  3. The man has been regarding the fire at the local store.
  4. After I quit taking drugs, I got a new .
  5. Smoking is in all public places.
Questions for you!
Answer the audio questions about the news.
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Audio Notes, News #3: Doggie Danger


Two people have been remanded.

When people are remanded, they are taken to a place and held there so other people can either keep them or get information from them. Notice the following examples:

  1. The men were remanded in regards to the fire downtown.
  2. The woman was remanded to a drug treatment center for her drug addiction.


Normal train services should resume on Saturday.

When something resumes, it continues operation again after a break. For example, school resumes after the winter holidays. Notice the following examples:

  1. The movie will resume after a short commercial break.
  2. After healing from her injury, the woman resumed playing sports again.

local council

The local council is asking residents to use less water.

A council is a group of people that supervise something. A local council would be a small council in charge of a small city or town. Notice the following:

  1. The local council voted to build a new park.
  2. There are five members on the city council.


House pipes are banned.

When something is banned, it is not allowed. Often, when something is banned, it is illegal or against the rules. For example, smoking is banned in most hospitals. Some sample sentences are as follows:

  1. He was banned to coming the parties for his bad behavior.
  2. Chewing gum is banned at my school.

a new lease of life

The weight loss gave him a new lease on life.

When you get a new lease on life, you feel like you have a new life because you escaped something serious like a debt or illness or bad lifestyle. A lease is a written agreement to use something. The British often say new leases 'of' life, while Americans say new lease 'on' life. Notice the following:

  1. After a successful surgery, he got a new lease on life.
  2. With her debt paid, she has a new lease of life.