Vocabulary Focus
Fill the gaps with the words below. After you finish you can hear the answers.
  1. Flowers cause a high in Spring.
  2. The man just me and did not say excuse me.
  3. The has decided to spend more money on schools .
  4. The man was for three years for stealing money.
  5. The police are to try to find the missing child.
Q & A : Questions for you!
Practice discussing the topic with the questions below.

Audio Notes, News #5: Bus Wreck

plough into

The bus ploughed into the wall.

When you plough into something, you hit it very hard. Also, when you plough into something, you hit it by accident. In North America the word is spelled 'plow'. Notice the following sentences:

  1. The man ploughed into the woman standing there.
  2. The car ploughed into the sidewalk and injured many people.

local council

The parade was organized by the local council.

A council is a group of people that manages and supervises something, usually an organization or institution. A local council refers to a small city council that is in charge of a city. Here are some sample sentences:

  1. He is running for city council next year.
  2. The local council wants to ban pets in the park.

out in force

Local people are out in force to locate the butterfly.

When people are out in force, that means they are out doing something in larger numbers, much larger than usual, often to achieve something. For example, if a child is missing, people will often go out in force to look for the child. Notice the following examples:

  1. The police are out in force to catch the escaped prisoner.
  2. The students are out in force to protest the tuition fees.


The man was imprisoned for selling drugs.

When you are imprisoned, you are put in prison or jail. To imprison someone is to put them behind bars or lock them up. You can also use the phrase to show that something is like prison. Notice the following:

  1. The students felt imprisoned in class.
  2. He was imprisoned for drunk driving.

pollen count

The pollen count will be high, so watch out hayfever sufferers.

Pollen is a chemical released by flowers. It can make some people sick. Sickness caused by pollen is called hayfever. When there is a lot of pollen in the air, like in spring, then there is a high pollen count, which is dangerous for some people. Notice the following:

  1. There was a high pollen count warning on the news.
  2. When the pollen count is high, I stay indoors.