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OK, I'm gonna talk about jobs.

My First Job
My first job actually was working at a restaurant. I was a dish washer. I was fifteen years old and, actually, I thought the job was pretty cool. All I had to do was wash dishes. I worked alone in the back of the kitchen and the restaurant was not too busy. It was an Italian restaurant. It was pretty easy and I had a big machine to help clean the dishes and I think I made like two dollars an hour. I made no money but the job was pretty easy. I think I had that job for one year and I liked it.

My Current Job
Well, right now I am an English teacher. I've been an English teacher now for thirteen years on and off. I started teaching when I was twenty-three and now I am thirty-six, and I first started teaching in Thailand, and I taught there for awhile and then I went back to America and I taught in San Francisco. Then I stopped teaching for awhile and then I moved to Japan and I've been teaching in Japan for six years. I really like teaching English. It's a fun job. I like being with students and I probably will be in teaching for the rest of my life.

My Future Job
Well, like I said before, I think I will be in teaching forever but now I really enjoy computers and I enjoy materials development so I think in the future I will try to make multi-media and books and materials for students, so I will still be involved in education, but I would like to start my own business and do something outside of teaching as well.

My Best Job
Well, the easiest job I ever had, and the funnest job, was being a bartender. I was a bartender for two years. I took a two-year break from being an English teacher and I was a bartender and it was a lot of fun. I did not have to be at work until five. I got to go home at midnight or one, and I was paid to just sit and talk with people and give people drinks, and watch sports on TV and eat good food. I worked at a Thai restaurant and the staff was really nice, so I really enjoyed being a bartender. The only thing I didn't like about being a bartender was dealing with drunk people. I didn't like having to deal with drunk people, but besides that, it was a good job.

The Worst Job
OK, the worst job I've ever had was I used to be a painter. I painted houses and 1), I was not very good at it, and 2) it was pretty hard work. Every day you have to smell the paint, and the paint smells really bad, and you get paint all over your clothes and you have to climb really tall latters and paint really tall buildings and it's dangerous, and sometimes it's cold outside, so I did not like painting at all.

My Dream Job
OK, if I could have any job in the world, I would be a professional baseball player. I would play for the New York Yankees. I would want to be a position player, though. Like, I would want to play in the outfield. I would not want to be a pitcher because a pitcher only pitches every five days, so he has to sit and watch a lot of games. So, if I was a baseball player I would want to play every day. I think the best thing about being a baseball player, would be you get to travel a lot, go to lots of different cities, and you have the fun of competition and playing a sport you love. Actually, you would make a lot of money, but the money would not be very important to me.

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