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Best Comedy
My favorite comedy has to be Kingpin. Kingpin is a great story. It's about a guy that wants to win money in a bowling tournament and he finds a very religious man who can bowl very well and so he enters him into the bowling tournament to win money and the story also has a beautiful woman and they drive across the country. It's a fantastic story. I laughed so hard when I saw the movie. I recommend it to anybody.

Best Drama
One of my favorite dramas is a movie called Sling Blade and it's about a mentally handicapped man and his life. He is out of prison. He was in prison for murder, for a long time before and the story talks about his life and his relationship with the boy. It's really good because the movie has everything. It has suspense and drama. It has humor and also it's a little scary so it's a great movie and I could see it again and again.

Best Action Movie
OK, the best action movie I've ever seen has to be Raider's of the Lost Arc. My mom took me to see this movie when I was very young, about twelve, and I was just amazed. It was the coolest movie ever. After we finished, I was so excited, I asked my mom if we could see it again, and we couldn't see it again that time, but she did take me again to see it and I ended up seeing Raider's of the Lost Arc maybe four or five times. It has everthing. It has a love story, great action, great suspense. It's one of the best movies ever.

Best Science Fiction
OK, the best science fiction movie is still probably the original Star Wars. Many men my age saw this movie when we were young boys, and we were just blown away by the special effects in the story. Also my mother took me to see this movie as well and I remember driving home at night, looking up at the stars and thinking, "Wow, there's people out there that's just like Star wars" so I think this movie was very influential for many, many people.

Best Documentary
OK, the best documentary I've ever seen is Hoop Dreams. Hoop Dreams is a real story, a documentary about two basketball players over a four year period I think. And, it's just like a movie. It has drama and it has a great story line, and the people in the documentary, particularly the two basketball players, are fantastic. The story is mainly about, or the documantary mainly is about one player, basketball player who goes to a poor inner city school in Chicago, and one basketball player who goes to a rich school in the suburbs and the pressures they face to perform for their team.

Favorite Movie Of All Time
OK, my favorite movie of all time is Wall Street. This is just a fantastic movie. It's about business and power and greed and ambition and what people will do to succeed in life. I think this says a lot about people all around the world and how people crave power and how power can corrupt, and in the movie, Michael Douglas plays Gordon Gecko and I think he is the best villian of all time or the best bad character of all time. Even though he was the bad guy in the movie, I think every body loved Gordon Gecko.

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