Grammar | High Beginner 3

Future Tense

Listen to Katie talk about her plans to study in France using the future tense.

Study Abroad

Soon I will quit my job and move to Europe. I am very excited about it. I will be an exchange student for one year in France and Spain. I will live in France first for six months, and then I will move to Spain and I will live there for six months.

In both countries, I will study language at a local university. I do not know French or Spanish now, so I will likely have trouble when I first move there. Still, I will do my best!

I will live alone, and I am sure I will miss friends, but I hope I will make new friends soon. My best friend will come out and visit me around New Year. We will probably take a trip to Greece. We won’t know our plans until later.

I am sure I will have some problems when I first move there. I will have a hard time buying food, and talking but I am sure I will be fine.

I will miss a lot of things about my country, and I will miss my boyfriend. He will not have time to visit me, so I won’t see him until I return. I will write him every week when I am there. I think we will stay together, but I am not sure. I hope we will stay together!

I am sure my life will be different and I will change, but I hope I will change in a good way, and I hope I won’t regret my decision. As we say, only time will tell!

Grammar Focus

Future Tense

We use the modal will to refer to the future.

(Q) What will you do next year?
(A) I will quit my job.
(N) I won’t work here anymore.

(Q) Where will you be next year?
(A) I will be in Europe.
(N) I won’t be in Asia.

(Q) Who will you go with?
(A) I will go alone.
(N) I won’t go with anyone.

(Q) When will you leave?
(A) I will leave in September.
(N) I won’t leave until the 22nd.

(Q) How will you get there?
(A) I will fly of course.
(N) I won’t take the train.

(Q) Will you have a phone?
(A) Yes, I will have a phone.
(N) No, I won’t unfortunately.

Short Answers

Yes, I will.
No, I won’t

be sure / think / hope

I am sure I will miss home.
I think I will have a good time.
I hope I will make new friends.

will not = won’t

Answer the following questions about the interview.