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All donations to keep ELLLO going are greatly appreciated. ELLLO has many costs every month for bandwidth
(like a phone bill), server space (rent for the site) and other costs for things like the photos, recorders, and computer stuff. It also requires about 30 hours of free labor every week to keep the updates coming (my weekends and mornings).

You can really help out by sending a donation. All I ask is that you pay a one time
fee of $20 or $30 dollars if you use the site regularly, download lots of the audio,
or use the site with your students. The site is kept free so students ( who usually don't
have much money or credit cards) have continual access to the site. Therefore, when
you give to ELLLO, you give to others as well. Payments can be made using the
PayPal "Make a Donation" button above. You can donate with a credit card using the
PayPal system.

Thanks you for your support,

Todd Beuckens