How to use the RealOne Player Console Get RealOne

1: The name of the audio clip. The first letter is for the name of the person (A is for Alex) along with the topic (Miami)
2: The length of the audio clip. You can see how long the clip is. Most clips are between one minute and three minutes.
3: The time marker. You can use this when you want to remember when something is said in the audio.
4: The pause button. You can stop the audio briefly at any time. Click it again to start playing again.
5: The progress bar. You can move it backwards or forwards to rewind or fast forward the audio.
6: Volume control. This only controls volume a little bit. You can control volume even more from the computer.
7: The hide button. Click this to make the audio console disappear. The audio will still keep playing.
8: The minimize button. Click this to make the console very big or very small.
9: The close button. Click this and the audio and console will disappear.

This site runs best with RealOne Media players but you can also use other media players because all the files are MP3 which can be played on most media players. If you use Quicktime you will have to adjust the settings so you can see the photos while you listen to the audio.
Remember it is OK to download and keep all audio.It is all free!