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Views 1424: Foods We Hate! Flag Flag
Katie and Gilda share foods they hate, some of which are popular.
Views 1423: Comfort Food!
Katie and Gilda talk about foods that make them happy.

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Views 1422: Naughty Kids!
Sarah talks how parents can handle children when they are bad.
Views 1421: Traveling with Kids!
John talks about how traveling is better with children.

One Minute English - New Videos

Listen to speakers from around the world share their thoughts.
1424 What do you eat for breakfast? Flag
1422 Were you naughty as a child? Flag
1419 Is it expensive to live in your country? Flag
1418 What's an interesting thing in your country? Flag
1417 What should people see in your country? Flag
1414 Do you like singing? Flag
1412 Do you follow a healthy diet? Flag
1411 How do you stay fit? Flag

Update - New Worksheets and Media!

Six People share their thoughts - New Worksheets and Downloads
Mixer 100 How to Learn English
Mixer 99 Do you enjoy cooking?
Mixer 98 Do you shop often?
Mixer 97 Being in a Natural Disaster
Mixer 96 Do you like dancing?
Mixer 95 Worried about Looks
Mixer 94 Love and Break-ups
Mixer 93 Rent vs Own


Views 1420: The Home of ELLLO!
Ever wonder where ELLLO is based? Learn about it here!
Views 1419: Meg's Apartment
Meg talks with Todd about her living situation.


Mari Goes to AustraliaMari Goes to Australia
Follow Mari in this seven-part series as she moves to Australia and meets Shirley, her landlady. Updated with video and vocabulary support.


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Sep 22 - Rent vs Own!
printable lesson
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Word Jumble

Practice basic grammar and word order.
1395 Having Roommates
1390 Using AirBnB
1385 First Jobs

Grammar Puzzle

Practice linking phrases and words.
1396 Lifestyle Options
1391 Love in France
1386 Working in Television

Right Word

Practice function words like conjunctions and prepositions.
1400 Brush and Shave
1399 Shower Schedule
1394 Is College Worth It?

Synonym Swap

Learn words with similar meanings and uses.
1397 Introverts and Extroverts
1392 SoMe Love
1387 The Perfect Schedule


Learn word forms and grammar tenses.
1389 Expensive City
1384 Stay-at-home Moms

Word Ears

Work on spelling, reading skills, word collocations.
1398 Power of Personality
1388 Fast-Paced Life
1383 Macho Women