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More Beginner Lessons!

25 New Worksheets and Grammar Points!
Beg 12 Where's Everyone? | Pres Cont
Beg 15 The Wedding Plans | Present Perfect
Beg 23 Brothers Fight | Past Tense
Beg 24Amazing Mom| Pronouns
Beg 25 Winter Vacation | Past Tense
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New Beginner Lesson - Clothes!

New Lessons about Clothing
Views 1436 Clothes for Work
Views 1435 Clothes by Season
Video 1436 Do you wear a school uniform?
Video 1435 Where do you get your clothes?

New Lesson Type - Idioms!

New Lessons about Idioms
Slang Money Idioms (Part 1)
Slang More Idioms (Part 2)

New Beginner English Lessons!

New Lessons with Grammar Points
BEG2 #22 Computer Geek (Subject Pronouns)
BEG2 #21 Learning Languages (Can - Ability)
BEG2 #20 Guess the Movie (Conjunctions)
BEG2 #19 Guess the City (Be vs Have)
BEG2 #18 Off to Osaka (3rd Person Singular)
BEG2 #17 Fit Girlfriend (3rd Person Singular)

Do you want to teach?

Talk about Teachers
Views 1434 Career Change (New)
Views 1433 Teaching a Language (New)
Video 1434 Would you like to be a teacher?
Video1433 Who was your favorite teacher?

What kind of person are you?

Types of Students
Views 1289 Prisoners and Pupils (Part 1)
Views 1290 Sizing Up Students? (Part 2)
Types of Personalities
Video 1237 Freaks and Animals (Part 1)
Video 1238 More Freaks? (Part 2)
Types of Parents
Views 1223 Soccer Moms (Part 1)
Views 1224 Tiger Moms (Part 2)

Lessons for the Holidays

Views 1348 Single's Day in China?
Views 1347 Is Christmas too commercial?
Video 1052 What is your favorite holiday?
Video 1051 Does your country have lots of holidays?
Views 838 Santa in Switzerland
Views 839 Santa in Canada
Video 838 Is Santa popular in your country?
Video 839 Did you belive in Santa as a kid?

New One Minute English Videos

1422 Are you good with kids?
1421 Are you good with kids?
1421 Where would you like to travel?
1404 Do you worry about your looks?
1403 (2) What do you think of beauty pageants?
1403 (1) What do you think of beauty pageants?

Previous Updates

1440 What is the best beach you've been to?
1439 Have you been to a nice island?
1438 (2) What makes you nostalgic?
1438 (1) What makes you nostalgic?
1437 What do you do for homesickness?
1436 Do you wear a school uniform?

Last Week

Views #1431 Living on Mars flaf
Can people live on Mars someday?
Views #1432 Going to Mars flaf
Should we go to Mars or the Moon?

New One Minute English Videos

1435 Where do you get your clothes?
1434 Do you want to be a teacher?
1433 Who was your favorite teachers?
1432 How do you feel about space travel?
1431 Should we go to Mars?


Views #1430 Special Spots flaf flaf
Widuri talks about two special places in her country.
Views #1429 Beautiful Bali
Widuri talks about Indonesia's most famous island.

Views #1427 Cheating Students flaf flaf
Gilda talks about dealing with cheating.
Views #1428 Caught Cheating
Two teachers confess to cheating.

Views | Natural Conversations

English speakers discuss various topics. Lessons include video / audio, a quiz, and vocabulary. By Level | By Country | View All
1350 In the Club
1426 Animals in the Zoo
Animals we love and fear.
1350 In the Club
1425 Animals on the Farm
Learn how some animals are friendly.
1350 In the Club
1424 Food We Hate
Surprising foods people dislike!
1406 20 Years Abroad
1423 Comfort Food
Food we love!
1406 20 Years Abroad
1422 Naughty Kids
Sarah talks about discipline and kids.
1350 In the Club
1421 Traveling with Kids
John talks about traveling as a family.

Videos | One Minute English

Watch videos of English speakers answering interesting questions. Learn Engish in less than sixty seconds! Over 700 Videos >>
Cover Image
Would you like to go to ...?
Cover Image
What makes a good student?
Cover Image
What is your favorite animal?

Mixer | Six People - One Question

Listen to six people from around the world share their thoughts about one question. Quiz and vocab included! See all 150 lessons >>
MX 100 English Mixer
UN Flag
Mixer 100 Learning English
Some elllo speakers on elllo share their secret to English.
MX 99 Cooking Mixer
UN Flag
Mixer 99 Cooking
Several people discuss if they enjoy cooking.
MX 98 Shopping Mixer
UN Flag
Mixer 98 Shopping
Six people discuss how often they go shopping.
MX 97 Disaster Mixer
UN Flag
Mixer 97 Natural Disaster
Several people discuss being in natural disasters.
MX 96 Dancing Mixer
UN Flag
Mixer 96 Dancing
Several people discuss if they enjoy getting their groove on.

Games | SixPix

Great for beginners! Listen to an audio description and then choose the correct picture to match the audio. Lots of fun! View all >>
64 DjiBouti Jeff
UN Flag
SixPix 73 What NOT to pack!
Learn what not to bring on a trip.
64 DjiBouti Aiman
UN Flag
SixPix 68 Middle Eastern Food
Aiman talks about food in theMiddle Eastern.
65 Food for Vegetarians Jonathan
UN Flag
SixPix 65 Food for Vegetarians
Jonathan talks his diet.
55 President Various
UN Flag
SixPix 57 Dating
Hear what other people look for in a date.
56 Meeting Place Various
UN Flag
SixPix 55 Class President
Six students want your vote!

News Center | Academic English

Watch an animated newscast and then answer questions about the report. These lessons are Flash based. View all >>
News #1 Oil Spill
News about an oil spill, a theft, a long walk, taxes and a new book.
News #2 Lost Baby
News about a baby, an explosion, a school, a play, and a pigeon.
News #3 Dogs
News about dogs, trains, water, a prize, sports, and weather.
News #4 Town Attack
News about an attack, pubs, a flood, a walk, shopping and weather.
News #5 Bus Crash
News about a crash, a parade, a butterfly, a criminal, and apples.


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