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Listen and then click the mouse (cursor)
over the picture(s) to get the answers!

Who did she go to camp with?

a) Her brother
b) Her sister
c) Her best friend
How long did she stay at camp?
a) 1 week
b) 2 weeks
c) 3 weeks
What kind of lessons did she take?
a) French
b) Cooking
c) Swimming
What did she learn how to do?
a) Ride a horse
b) Ride a bike
c) Ride in a canoe
When was she homesick?
a) The last week
b) The whole time
c) The first three days
When I was eight years old I went to Girl Scout camp with my best friend Lauren. It was for
two weeks and it was in the middle of July so it was really hot. We had no air conditioning.
We actually slept in Tee Pees like the native Americans. It was a great time. Everyday we
took swimming lessons. We went to arts and crafts. We had to help cook the meals. We made
breakfast, lunch and dinner. We learned how to canoe, ride in a canoe, and we also, what did
we do? We rode horses, too. We got to ride horses. At first, maybe the first three days, I was
really homesick, and I cried and I wanted to go home but after one week I loved it and I didn't
want to leave.
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