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What is Chicago like?

a) Windy and hilly
b) Hot and rainy
c) Windy and flat
Where is the food festival ?
a) Hyde Park
b) Central Park
c) Grant Park
Who provides the food ?
a) Major restaurants
b) Local cafeterias
c) Individuals
What is her favorite kind of food?
a) Chinese
b) Mexican
c) Italian
What is her favorite dish?
a) Stuffed Pavlano Peppers
b) Spicy noodles
c) Chili

Ah, Hello! What's your name please?
My names's Anna Houseworth.
Anna Houseworth. OK, Anna and where are you from?
I'm from a suburb of Chicago, Illinois.
Oh, Chicago. Wow, what's Chicago like?
Ah, it's very windy and flat, but there's a lot to do there. (uh-huh, so)
we have a lot of sports teams, things to do in the summer, lots of festivals, so

Uh-huh, like what kind of festivals?
Ah, we have a taste of Chicago festival, every summer, every year, and it's down in
Grant Park, and all the food vendors, all the major restaurants in Chicago set up a
food booth and you can buy, taste all kinds of food around the world.

Wow, that sounds pretty good. Ah, what kind of food do you like? What's your favorite kind of food?
Ah, my favorite kind of food is Mexican food.
Oh, yeah! And what dish in particular do you like?
Ah, let me think. I like all Mexican food but I really like, like a stuffed pavlano
pepper's very good.

Oh, really! Stuffed Pavlano pepper!
You stuff it with cheese or they can put meat inside of it. It's good.
Can you make it?
No! I can not make it. I can make tacos. (Oh,really) but that's about it.
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