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Listen and then CLICK the mouse (cursor)
over the picture(s) to get the answers!

What Valentine's day was it?

a) Their first
b) Their second
c) Their third
What did she think he liked?
a) The color green
b) Reptiles
c) Exotic pets
Who told her about the Pac Man frog?
a) John
b) Her student
c) Her friend
What did he look like when he saw the frog?
a) Happy
b) Amused
c) Terrified
What did the frog eat?
a) Flies
b) Mice
c) Worms

OK, Now, Anna, you were telling a cute story about a special gift you gave your husband.
Yes, (OK) Well, our first Valentine's day, I wanted to give John a very unique gift, so
I remembered that he used to have an iguana, so I thought he liked reptiles, and I found a
cute Pac Man Frog at the pet store, and actually one of my students told me about Pac Man
Frogs and I thought, "Oh, that's so cute!" and so I bought the frog for John and I surprised him with
it, and I made him close his eyes and I brought the frog out and the look on John's face was so
funny. He was so terrified because he didn't like reptiles. I was wrong. (Oh, no!) Yeah, so he
had to keep the frog for maybe one year. And he didn't like it. He thought it smelled bad, and the
worst thing was the frog had to eat baby mice, so once a week John had to go to the pet store and
buy a baby mouse and feed it to the frog, so!
Wow! The frog ate mice?
Yeah, once a week, it ate a mouse.
How much did it weigh?
Maybe 8 ounces. I don't know. It was big. It could sit in your hand. It was the same size as your hand.
Yeah, it was really big.
Wow, that's a cool story. A Pac Man frog
Yeah, Pac Man, cause it looks like the Pac Man character.
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