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What kinds of meat does she like to use?
a) Beef
b) Turkey
c) Both
What do you use to cook the meat?
a) Grill
b) Skillet
c) Pot
What is something you can add to the tacos?
a) Spices
b) Dressing
c) Sauce
Where do you put the meat ?
a) In a tortilla
b) In bread
c) On chips
What kind of tortilla does John like?
a) Flour
b) Corn
c) Neither



OK, now Anna, you were saying that your favorite food is tacos.(Yes, it is) OK, and how do you make tacos?
Ah, they're pretty easy. All you do is, buy some meat like ground beef, or ground turkey, and you cook it in
a skillet until it's finished. You can add some chopped onion, or any spices, like cumin or chili powder and then
you just serve the meat on tortillas or taco shell with cheese, tomato, lettuce, onion, guacamole, or
anything. They're delicious.

Sounds pretty good. So what do you put the meat in? The meat has to go on a tortilla or something?
Yeah, on the tortilla. (Oh, OK) And you can add on top.
OK, what kind of tortillas do you use, flour or corn?
I like corn but my husband John, he likes flour. We make both.
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