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When did she get married?
a) May 8th
b) May 10th
c) May 18th
Where did she have the wedding?
a) At her parent's house
b) At a local church
c) At a hotel
How many people were invited?
a) A lot, everyone they knew
b) Not many, just family and friends
c) No one, the eloped to Las Vegas
Where was the wedding?
a) Inside
b) Outside
c) Both
What was the weather like before the wedding?
a) Terrible
b) Not bad
c) Great
I got married on May 18th, in 2002, and I wanted to have a very romantic wedding but also small and,
so John and I started to have my wedding in our, my parents backyard, so we decorated the backyard
and we invited just close family and friends and it was an outside wedding, it was really beautiful, and five
days before the wedding it rained every single day, all day long, and the ground was really wet. It was terrible
, and then the day of my wedding, the sun came out and it was a beautiful day, so sunny and we were so happy.
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