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What do Spanish people do when they meet each other?
a) Shake hands
b) Bow
c) Kiss
What do Japanese people do when they meet each other?
a) Bow
b) Hug
c) Kiss
At first, what surprised her about her host mom?
a) Her quiet voice
b) Her loud voice
c) Her hairstyle
What food is similar in Japanese and Spanish cuisine?
a) Beans
b) Fish
c) Seaweed
Which cuisine does she prefer?
a) Spanish
b) Japanese
c) Neither

Hi! I've lived in Spain and Japan and so I'm just going to talk about a few differences between the two
countries that I've found. In, Spain, when you meet somebody you give them two kisses. First on the
left and then on the right cheek, and in Japan there is definitely no public kissing at all, so that
is definitely a faux paux, here. In Japan you just bow or you hand shake which is normal. In Spain,
also the people are very caliente, which means they are very warm and very open and extremely loud,
extremely loud. In fact, when I was living in my host family's house, the first few months when my
Spanish wasn't the best, I thought my host mom was mad about everything. I thought she was just, I thought
she was at the point of just leaving the entire household for good, and then when I realized what she
was saying it was just, "When are you going to take out the dog?" but screaming this mind you, or,"Let's
do your homework!" or even just like, "Pass me the salt!" Everything screaming. Japan people are very quiet.
They, definitely don't scream about things like that....Um, the food, ah, Spanish food is the best in the
world. I really like Japanese food, but Spanish food they use a lot of olive oil, a lot of beans, a lot of
vegetables and fruit. It's a Mediterranean diet and lots of fish but it's heavier food. In Japan they also
use, eat a lot of fish, but it's lighter and rice and seaweed, ah, but Spanish food is the best. The best in
the world, definitely.
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