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Listen and then CLICK the mouse (cursor)
over the picture(s) to get the answers!

Where did she see the spider?

a) On a farm
b) In the forest
c) At the zoo
How long had she been in Australia when she saw it?
a) 1 month
b) 6 months
c) 1 year
Where did she see the first spider?
a) In the house
b) Outside
c) At a zoo
Where did she see the second spider?
a) The kitchen
b) Her bedroom
c) The bathroom
What did she do when she saw the second spider?
a) Kill it
b) Pick it up
c) Call for help
It was interesting as well while we were out on the farm, there were thousands of trees I think out on the farm, so we saw lots of different insects and little animals as well. The most exciting thing I saw was a red back spider, because the red back is one of the most poisonous spiders in Australia. So I had been traveling there for over a year I think at that stage and I'd never seen a red back spider, but I'd seen lots of colorful spiders, so that every time I saw a new colored spider I'd go and have a look and maybe play with it a bit or take a photo, something like that, so while I was picking the macadamia nuts with my friends I saw a really brightly colored spider, so I decided to, to get a stick and and kind of turn over a leaf and see what it was doing, and then I was kind of looking at it for awhile and then suddenly I realized, "Oh, my God!" It's red and black, it's a red back spider!" So I thought, OK, I'd better stop playing with this guy, and leave him alone. So after over a year in Australia I saw my first red back on this macadamia farm and then later on that night, just before I was going to bed, I walked into the room I was staying in with my friend, and there on my bed was baby redneck spider, red back spider, sorry and I couldn't believe it. After one year, no red backs and then two in one day. It was a bit crazy really so I had to get someone to help me to get rid of it, cause it was a bit scary.
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