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When is Boxing day?
a) Day before Christmas
b) Day after Christmas
c) Two days after Christmas
Who were the boxes for?
a) Rich people
b) Servants
c) Friends
What was in the boxes?
a) Food
b) Money
c) Both
What meat does she usually eat on Boxing day?
a) Turkey
b) Ham
c) Chicken
What kind of races does she watch?
a) Horse
b) Car
c) Dog
Uh, Nicola, you're from England. (Yes, I am) OK. Now in England you have something called "Boxing day"
Yes, we do. So, we don't have that in America. What is Boxing day?

Well, boxing day is always on the 26th of December, the day after Christmas day, and it was originally
called boxing day because it was the day in England when the very rich people in Victorian times gave
presents to their servants, the day after Christmas, and usually it would be something like money, or
food but they would give it to them in a small box, and so on December the 26th, servants would receive
their boxes,the Christmas boxes, and that's why it was called Boxing day. (OK) Today, people don't really
receive money or food so much, sometimes you give extra tips at Christmas, but Boxing day has stuck. So
that's the name. (What do people do on Boxing day?) Uh, nothing really. Uh, eat the leftover turkey,
turkey sandwiches, watch TV, and in my family we usually go and watch dog racing, grey hound racing. Yeah,
and lose some money (lose money) Yeah always. At least I do. (Wow, cool. Dog track. Is there a dog track
near your house?)
Yeah, there is, where I live, yeah.
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