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When would she get up?

a) 2 hours earlier than usual
b) Same time as usual
c) 2 hours later than usual
What does she like to buy?
a) CDs
b) Shoes
c) Jewelry
Where would she go with her friends?
a) The lake
b) The pool
c) The beach
What would she do ?
a) Swim
b) Sunbathe
c) Both
What would she do in the evening ?
a) Go dancing
b) Have a meal
c) Go bowling

OK, if I have a day off, if it's summer time, I would probably sleep in about two hours late because I love sleeping, and then I would go shopping, especially shoe shopping and after that I would probably meet some friends and go to the beach, if I was near a beach, and certainly would swim in the sea because I do love swimming, especially in the sea, and I would probably sunbathe. That sounds like an ideal summer day to me, maybe in the evening a few drinks and a nice meal and that would be a perfect day for me in the summer time.
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