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What kind of paper is the Daily Mail?

a) Serious one
b) Middle range
c) Tabloid
What is England famous for?
a) Good newspapers
b) Tabloids
c) Both
What paper does she get at home?
a) Daily Mirror
b) Daily Express
c) Both
Who was recently in the news ?
a) David Beckham
b) Brad Pitt
c) Prince Charles
Why do men like the tabloids?
a) For pictures of women
b) For sports scores
c) For the gossip
OK, the newspapers in England, well, we've got quite a lot of newspapers, some of the more serious ones like The Times. Then you got the middle of the range, things like the Daily Mail and the Daily Express, and then you got the British tabloids, which were quite famous for, and the tabloids are quite interesting. Basically, the tabloids are just gossip, and they will report anything and everything in great detail. Um, a lot of people kind of disapprove of the tabloids but personally I find them quite interesting and entertaining. In our house, we have a tabloid newspaper, The Daily Mirror and we have the Daily Mail as well. And in the Mirror you'll get all the gossip, and things like horoscopes, and real celebrity news like recently you've had the David Beckham thing that he's been having an affair, and that was interesting. It went into real detail all the text messages that they sent and everything, uh, and it is kind of, it is just gossip, but then many people get the tabloids because it reports the sport in a lot of detail, so a lot of men get the, for the football scores and horse racing and everything.
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