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How long was she in Istanbul?

a) 5 days
b) 6 days
c) 7 days
What did she hear every day?
a) Planes overhead
b) Children laughing
c) Calls to prayer
Where do the people live in Cappadocia ?
a) Mud huts
b) Underground
c) In caves
What do the people sell?
a) Wood crafts
b) Brass goods
c) Carpets
Where would she like to go on her next trip to Turkey?
a) Ankara
b) The coast
c) The eastern mountains
A couple of years ago, I went travelling around Europe and I think my favorite country was Turkey. I didn't see a
lot of the country as such. I think we spent about 7 days in Istanbul, which was an amazing place. It was really, really
interesting because you had the different cultures. It was slightly Westernized but mainly not and you'd hear the call
to prayer five times a day and there was so much to see and do and they were really friendly there. Um, the weather
was great and then after our 7 days in Istanbul we went right to the middle of Turkey to a place called Cappadocia,
which was basically a place where everyone lived in caves because it was so hot and that was so interesting to see their
way of life and mainly I think they just made their money from carpets, so we went into of carpet shops. They tried
to get us to buy, the whole tourist thing, but they were such friendly, welcoming people. And I really liked Turkey and
I want to go back and do the coastline and more things but Istanbul and Turkey in general is a place I'd recommend.
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