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Who is younger?

a) She is
b) He is
c) She does not say
When is their birthday?
a) January 5th
b) January 15th
c) July 15th
What is different about his looks?
a) His nose
b) His eyes
c) His hair
What had slippers and a rugby ball?
a) Their toy box
b) Their closet
c) Their birthday cake
How is Nicola different than her brother?
a) She likes sports
b) She is taller
c) She likes school
OK, my twin brother. Well, my twin brother is called Daniel, and he is four minutes younger than me. Um, we were
both born on the 5th of January, and I think that we kind of look a like except that he's a lot taller than me and he has
very dark hair but we have the same eyes and nose and smile, at least that's what people say. Um, I wouldn't say we
are especially close, mm, not really, maybe when we were younger but we weren't always in the same classes at school
because my parents wanted us to be a bit more different. Um, we used to be dressed when we were babies the same,
me in pink and him in blue, and we used to have a birthday cake that was always, half was pink and half was blue, and
mine had ballet slippers on it and his a football or a rugby ball, but I guess we are quite different personalities. He's really,
really outgoing, and just very different from me. At school I was always in the top classes getting A's and he was always
failing in the bottom classes, but he was really sporty and I wasn't so people said we were very different.
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