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When does he usually get home?

a) 5:30
b) 6:00
c) 6:30
Where does he live by?
a) A lake
b) A forest
c) A river
What is he afraid of when he jogs?
a) Dogs
b) Cars
c) Bats
What stays close to him when he jogs?
a) Dogs
b) Bats
c) Birds
How close do the bats get?
a) 2-3 feet
b) 4-5 feet
c) 6-7 feet
I usually get home from work at about 6:30 and when I get home the first thing I like to do is go jogging. Fortunately, my apartment is near a river and I go jogging on the river at night. It's really beautiful. It's really green. There's lots of trees and fields along the river and it's quite beautiful. The worst thing about my jog though are the dogs. There are river dogs that live along the river and they don't have a home and they're a little bit dangerous. Sometimes they threaten to chase you or bite you and when you jog by they often growl. Sometimes I have to keep a bottle of water to throw on them or maybe a stick so they don't attack, but so far nothing's happened. The best thing about the jog are the bats. When you jog at night there are bats that fly and they eat insects. This is right at sunset, as the sun goes down, and it's really, really beautiful to see them, and when you jog amazingly they'll fly at the same pace as you, I think because the insects maybe are attracted to the joggers body heat, but the bats will not get too close to the jogger, to me, they will only get about 4 or 5 feet from me, but they fly at the same pace. As I jog I can see them and it's really, really beautiful to see them when I run.
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