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What does he like about fall?

a) The weather
b) The festivals
c) The food
What else does he like about fall?
a) The change in colors
b) The sports on TV
c) Both
What is his favorite sport?
a) Soccer
b) Field Hockey
c) Baseball
When is his birthday?
a) October 2nd
b) October 12th
c) October 22nd
What holidays does he mention?
a) Halloween
b) Thanksgiving
c) Both
My favorite time of year is autumn, or fall. I like the fall season because I think that's when the weather's the best. It's not too hot. It's not too cold. It's just nice and cool all the time. Also, usually it doesn't rain that much in autumn. The trees also are really, really beautiful in the fall. I love the change in colors when the leaves turn from green to brown, and orange and yellow and I think it's also really pretty to see the leaves on the ground. Also, I really like fall because I'm a big baseball fan and in the fall we have the baseball playoffs and it's the start of the basketball season and the football season, so it's a good time for me to watch sports on TV. Lastly, I like autumn because my birthday is in October, and um, October 2nd, and Halloween is in October and Thanksgiving is in November and these are all my, these are my three days throughout the year.
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