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What has changed?

a) Weather
b) Demographics
c) The schools
Who is more vigilant?
a) Parents
b) Children
c) Teachers
Is life better or worse for children?
a) Better
b) Worse
c) Same
What is the strongest category for a hurricane?
a) Category 1
b) Category 5
c) Category 10
Why go people come to live in Miami?
a) For jobs
b) For hurricanes
c) For safety

So, Alexandra, you said that you were born in Miami. (Yes, I was) And you still live there?
Yes, I am, I do live there, now.
Has the city changed a lot?
Actually it has. As a young kid, there was a lot more freedom as a child to just run
around your neighborhood or ride your bike, go to school without being escorted by a
parent or going on a bus, you could walk to school or ride your bike to school. Now there
are so many more people in the city and the demographics have changed due to a hurricane
we had about ten or twelve years ago, and so it's, the parents now have to be more vigilant
with their children. Be more careful. There's more people.

You said a hurricane changed the demographics.
Yes, in, Hurricane Andrew had come into Florida, lower, southern Florida, and had completely
demolished this south of Miami, a city called homestead, and all those residents moved
up to Miami, and many of the residents in Miami that had damage from the hurricane moved
up to the next county up. So you have a completely different demographic coming in. Many people
from other parts that were affected in South Florida also moved up, and also the people that are
originally in Miami, some even moved out of the state. They had enough of hurricanes. You get a
category five which is probably the strongest hurricane there is, blow through and completely
destroy your home, you really don't want to stick around anymore for another taste, so and also
Miami has become a very popular place to come and live and work, so you have an increase in
population, and different types of population. As I said before there's many different people's
from different countries and every so often you have a new wave of immigrants coming in, so it
changes things

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